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The Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy is a concept that was created and developed in St. Moritz in the Engadine Valley in Switzerland in 2010; besides instantly becoming a top ski and snowboard school, it also offers competitive experience within the Ski Team, a well-established Ski Club with a full training and competition schedule.

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Giorgio Rocca

Giorgio Rocca Story

Giorgio Rocca was born in Coira, in the Canton of Grisons, on 6th August 1975, to a Swiss mother and Italian father. His skiing talent led him to take on a competitive career and he accrued considerable successes on the international scene.

Selected as the flag bearer for Italy at the Bormio World Championships in 2005, in that season he accomplished five consecutive wins that led him to equal the records of Tomba, Stenmark and Girardelli.

I love skiing because it’s an environment where I feel most at my ease. For me, my skis are an extension of my feet and I know that I can do almost everything. After so many years on the snow I still have a great desire to experience the adrenaline surge at every turn, with the cold air stinging my face. There are many things that allow me to say that skiing is the most beautiful sport in the world, one of them is the unforgettable memory of the thrill I experienced at my first World Cup victory in Wengen in 2003.

I like to teach because I want to convey my emotions and knowledge to the students, trying to make them experience the same feelings I have. Technique is constantly evolving and deserves to be shared with all those who have the same passion. I keep constantly updated in order to offer quality service, an asset even for the most experienced learners.

With my guest / client / athlete my objective is to understand together what he or she wants in order to create the correct path to follow, be it long or short; the greatest satisfaction and gratification of this task is to know that the student is happy to have spent some time with me in the knowledge that I have been of technical and human inspiration. Increasing their sense of security, personal performance and self-esteem is also useful outside the sporting environment, since it is the life-blood for our goals and future projects.”

I carefully take into account my partners and TV appearances, with the aim of following up the values ​​I stood for in my sporting and competitive career in other areas: success, dedication, honesty, tenacity, endurance and charm.

Our Team

Giorgio Rocca

Direttore Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy

Giovanna Geronimi

Responsabile Giorgio Rocca Ski Team - Maestra di sci

Gestione iscrizioni, fatturazione e attività di pubblica relazione con i clienti di Giorgio Rocca Ski Team

Veronica De Pedrini

Responsabile Giorgio Rocca Ski School

Gestione iscrizioni, fatturazione e attività di pubblica relazione con i clienti di Giorgio Rocca Ski School

Marina Martinucci

Segretaria Ski School & Ski Team

Fabio Zambelli

Maestro di sci - Freeride & Freestyle

Matteo Baruffaldi

Maestro di sci

Elena Pastore

Maestra di sci Allenatrice

Valeria Curnis

Maestra di sci

Davide Guanella

Maestro di sci e allenatore responsabile gruppo junior

Ramon Menghini

Allenatore e maestro di sci

Damiano Diletti

Maestro di sci

Lorenzo Munari

Maestro di Snowboard e Sci

Martina De Lorenzi

Maestra di sci

Diego Pesenti

Maestro di sci allenatore responsabile gruppo children

Paride Mammarella

Maestro di sci

Marco Giacomini

Maestro di sci

Geronimi Roberto

Maestro di Sci

Zanetti Fabio

Maestro di sci

Giulia Regazzoni

Maestra di Sci

Biagi Niccolò

Maestro di sci

Andrea Novati

Maestro di Sci

Federico Michelini

Maestro di Sci

Matteo Arrigoni

Maestro di Sci

Joëlle Lanoë Marig

Maestra di sci

Lorenzo Marchini

Maestro di sci - Ski man professionista

Luca Premazzi

Maestri di sci

Elena Gelmi

Maestra di Sci

Francesco De Candido Romole

Maestro di Sci

Luca Lazzaroni

Maestro di Sci

Simone Gorelli

Maestro di Sci

Alessandro Zanoli

Maestro di Sci

Fabio Succetti

Maestro di snowboard

Luca Mutti

Maestro di Sci

Daniele Giovanettoni

Maestro di sci

Simone Eiraudi

Maestro di sci

Donato Menghini

Maestro di Sci

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