Brand Ambassador & Testimonial

Giorgio Rocca

Giorgio Rocca was born in Chur, in the Swiss canton of Grisons, on August 6, 1975, to a Swiss mother and an Italian father.

His talent on skis led him to undertake a competitive career and collect important successes on the international scene, including the 2006 Slalom World Cup, won thanks to 5 consecutive victories, which allowed Giorgio to equal Tomba, Stenmark and Girardelli’s records.

Thanks to the legacy he created in the world of skiing and thanks to the values ​​he has always represented, Giorgio has embarked on a parallel career as face for products and services.

Giorgio undertakes projects as a brand ambassador, testimonial, television commentator, presenter for special events, guest for events.


Brand Ambassador

Promoting a brand by becoming its spokesperson over time


Face for products and services

Brand Ambassador

Promoting a brand by becoming its spokesperson over time, enticing old and new consumers to purchase a service, good or product. If you were to define the figure of the brand ambassador, this description would be perfect.

Just as perfect is the figure of Giorgio Rocca if the brand to be advertised has to do with one of the following aspects: sports, nature, style, free time, family, healthy eating, living well.

Giorgio is a highly proactive ambassador, fully involved in the values ​​of the brands he chooses to represent, and is committed to ensuring that the projects he is involved in are interesting for the target audience.

Giorgio is currently the brand ambassador of prestigious brands such as EA7, Falconeri, Maserati, Hublot, Switzerland Tourism.

An example of an ongoing project involving Giorgio is linked to Switzerland Tourism and is having great success. Giorgio has recently become ambassador of Switzerland Tourism for Italy, and is currently at the center of a project to promote the neighboring Switzerland to the Italian public, with the places and activities that can be carried out there.

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In addition to being ambassadors of prestigious brands, Giorgio also lends his image to projects in which he is testimonial of products or services, on social networks and for commercials.

Over the years, Giorgio has been the testimonial of important brands such as Gazzetta dello Sport, Acqua Lauretana, Somatoline, Dimmidisì, Olio Cuore, Madonna di Campiglio and many others.

The latest project that saw him as a protagonist is represented by a collaboration with Olio Cuore: the brand wanted to promote the product that conveys the values ​​of well-being, healthy living and sport through the activities practiced by its testimonials.

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Tv commentator

Since he ended his racing career, Giorgio has become a regular presence in the most important television networks that broadcast ski races.

Giorgio was a commentator for Sky Sports at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, before moving to Eurosport, with which he has been collaborating for several years, and to the Swiss network RSI.

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Host for special projects

In addition to the technical commentator skills gained thanks to a career at the highest levels, Giorgio is also a charismatic figure, with great stage presence and excellent eloquence, qualities that emerge in the role of presenter and interviewer of personalities linked to the world of sports.

For example, in the past, Giorgio has been the protagonist of a project created by his production team in collaboration with EA7 for the Cortina Ski World Championships, where he showed the public behind the scenes contents of the most anticipated event of the ski season 2020-2021, which occurred without spectators due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The project obtained great success not only among the public of fans of the racing world, but also involved simple onlookers, attracted by the quality of the content produced and the modern language conveyed by Giorgio and his team.

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Guest for events

In addition to great technical skills, combined with his knowledge of the world of skiing, Giorgio Rocca is also a character who makes public communication one of his strong points.

This is why he is often involved with companies and establishments in the world of communication, such as Gazzetta dello Sport, to participate as a guest or speaker during promotional events, team building or corporate incentives.

Especially at a corporate level, having a guest of honor with a rich palmares like Giorgio’s creates an ideal situation for client companies: associating their name with Giorgio’s and using it in practice to communicate particular messages.

For example, Giorgio was recently invited to give a motivational speech on the subject of starting over and knowing how to reinvent oneself at an awards event on behalf of, for the best dealers of the year 2020-21. Giorgio’s career was dotted with moments of setbacks and, at the time of his competitive retirement, Giorgio decided to start over and get back into the game with the Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy project

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Reality shows

The figure of Giorgio has always been attractive to the world of television.

After ending his competitive career, Giorgio was the protagonist of the first edition of Beijing Express and was the winner, in 2015, of Dancing with the Stars.

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GR Media Production

GR Media House is an active part of the process of producing content for promotional purposes with Giorgio as ambassador.

In 2019 Giorgio Rocca started, together with a team of professionals, GR Media House, a production company that creates and proposes projects to its partners, greatly facilitating the production process which, especially for projects involving the world of snow or outdoors in general, often requires additional work from companies that have to rely on agencies that recruit staff with suitable skills.

An example is represented by the Winter 21-22 campaign for EA7 due out in autumn 2021.

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