Giorgio Rocca



The perfect turn doesn’t exist. The perfect turn is inside each and every one of us
You just got to listen to yourself.

G. Rocca
World Cup wins
World Championship medals

Winner of the 2006 Slalom World Cup

Giorgio Rocca was born in Chur, in the Canton of Grisons, on August 6, 1975, to a Swiss mother and an Italian father. His talent on skis leads him to undertake a competitive career and collects important successes on the international scene.

Chosen as standard-bearer for Italy at the Bormio World Championships in 2005, that season he scored five consecutive victories that led him to equal the records of Tomba, Stenmark and Girardelli.

I like skiing because it's where I feel most comfortable in the world. Skis are an extension of my feet to me and I know I can do almost anything with them. After so many years on the snow, I still have a great desire to experience the emotions that arise at every bend, with the fresh air that stings my face. There are many things that allow me to say that skiing is the most beautiful sport in the world, one above all is the indelible memory of the emotions felt at the first World Cup victory in Wengen in 2003.

I like to teach because I want to convey emotions and knowledge to the students trying to make them experience the same sensations I feel. The technique is constantly evolving and deserves to be shared with all those who have the same passion as me, I never stop updating myself to always offer a quality service, useful even to the most experienced students.

The goal with my guest / client / athlete must be to understand with him what he aspires to and to structure a path in this sense, be it short or long; the greatest satisfaction and gratification of this job is knowing that the student is happy to have spent time with me with the knowledge that for him I was a technical and human stimulus. Increasing his sense of security, personal effectiveness and self-esteem is also useful outside the sporting context, since he is the lifeblood for our goals and for our future projects. "

I carefully evaluate my partners and television appearances with the aim of following up in other areas, the values I have represented in my sports and competitive career: success, dedication, honesty, tenacity, endurance and charm.