Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy is a project started in 2010 by Giorgio Rocca at the end of his competitive career, which has inspired generations and allowed him to enter and exclusive elite of athletes who have gone down in history, such as Tomba, Stenmark and Girardelli.

Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy was born from Giorgio’s goal of transmitting his passion, alive more than ever, for the world of skiing through a bouquet of top quality services, in collaboration with a selected team of instructors.

Giorgio opened the first headquarters of his Ski Academy in St. Moritz (Switzerland), followed by two other openings: Livigno (Italy) and Crans-Montana (Switzerland).

In the 2022-2023 winter season, the Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy opened its fourth location in Cervina, Italy.

Located in the heart of the wonderful Engadine valley, St. Moritz is one of the most beautiful and exclusive Swiss resorts in the Alps. Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy has been operating in St. Moritz since 2011.

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Crans Montana is one of the most prominent ski resorts in the entire Canton of Valais. Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy opened its branch here in 2020.

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Livigno, in addition to being one of the most famous mountain resorts in Italy, is the place where Giorgio Rocca grew up and trained. The Livigno branch of the Academy was established in 2018.

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Cervinia is one of the largest and most scenic tourist areas in the Alps at the foot of the majestic Matterhorn Mountain. It stretches along three valleys between Italy and Switzerland.

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#FINDYOURWAY represents Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy’s philosophy. Whatever the customer’s passion for mountain activities is, our goal is to increase and strengthen that passion by offering a completely tailor-made service, with the help of the best professionals in the sector.


Details matter

The method of selecting ski instructors

Details matter. Coming from a world where you win by a few cents, Giorgio Rocca is aware that even the smallest detail can be decisive. This is why Giorgio is very scrupulous in the process of selecting collaborators for Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy.

Pick the best in order to be the best. Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy’s mission is to be the best ski school in each of its 4 locations. In order to be the best, however, the will of the individual is not enough: even the selected instructors must perform at the highest level. Not only from a technical point of view but, especially, from a human point of view.

The instructors selected to be part of Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy have accumulated various professional experiences: some are former professional ski, freestyle or snowboard athletes. All speak foreign languages ​​including English, French, Russian, German and Spanish.

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All the attention directed to you

Private ski lessons

Among the services offered by the Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy in St. Moritz, Livigno, Crans Montana and Cervinia, of course, are private lessons, which is the best method of learning a sport, whether it be skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing or others among the Academy’s wide range of services.

The private ski lesson allows to have all the attention of the instructor aimed towards the student, reaching the set goal more quickly.

The method of Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy instructors is based on the same common technical line, given by Giorgio Rocca at the beginning of each season, during the training week held each year with the instructors and coaches of the St.Moritz, Livigno, Crans-Montana and Cervinia Academies.

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Live your experience with friends

Group lessons

Another key service, which Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy offers, is that of group ski lessons, also known as group ski lessons.

By sharing the same teacher, children, teenagers or adults, might them be beginners or experts, live their experience by having fun and comparing each other.

For children and teenagers, this teaching method also means creating friendships that allow them to fully enjoy their holiday while, for older adults, skiing in company is synonymous with challenge as well as obvious fun.

As explained above, Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy’s goal is to offer the best possible service. In this perspective, unlike the competition, where the number of participating students reaches even a dozen, the maximum number of skiers for a group lesson of Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy is 7.

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In search of pure adrenaline

Ski Team

Within the program of the Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy in St. Moritz and Crans Montana, a prominent role is played by the Giorgio Rocca Ski Team, the Academy’s internal ski club that organizes training, competitions and trips for athletes as young as 7 years old with the help of highly qualified ski instructors.

The service offered by Giorgio Rocca Ski Team is of the highest quality: in addition to Giorgio Rocca, a champion who supervises the work of all the categories of the Ski Team, qualified coaches and former international athletes stand out who, thanks to their familiarity in the competitive world, they know how to make the athletes of the Giorgio Rocca Ski Team grow on a technical and human level.

The work is planned with the aim of making the whole group grow over the course of the year, alternating work on the slopes with athletic training.

For those who want to bring their children, still not old enough to start competing, to the world of ski clubs, Giorgio Rocca Ski Team offers a pre-competitive program, which alternates playing with technical learning, thus preparing children to jump into the competitive world, once they reach the necessary age.

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