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GR Sport Events offers customized packages and solutions for organizing top-quality corporate events in the mountains for companies and individuals.

It is a reality founded in 2012 by Giorgio Rocca, 2006 World Special Slalom Champion.

The range of services counted in the offerings of GR Sport Events are:


Our team takes care of organizing every detail, starting from the accommodations, through catering and ending with the activities provided for the event.

We take care of it all.

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Sports events

Enjoy special experiences on the snow

The mountain, as we know, always transmits special emotions. Having, then, the opportunity of trying special experiences on the snow that allows one to enjoy the surrounding environment in a unique way, adds a precious extra touch.

The mountain, as we know, always transmits special emotions. Having, then, the opportunity of trying special experiences on the snow that allows one to enjoy the surrounding environment in a unique way, adds a precious extra touch.

The experiences organized by GR Sport Events are many, and they made their debut with what still is today the flagship of GR Sport Events’ offer: experiences during World Cup ski races.

The recipe of our experiences is as simple as it is unique: take the best athletes in the world, place them in the most beautiful and exclusive mountain contexts of the Alps and add the opportunity to experience a unique event as absolute protagonists such as, for example, the Slalom of Madonna di Campiglio on the magical TreTre slope.

Cours recon with Giorgio Rocca and the athletes, exclusive spots to watch the race in the starting area, VIP lounges and parties are just some of the aspects that characterize these experiences within sport events.

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Team building

Creating cohesion and feeling like a group

Creating cohesion and feeling like a group , in a company, is an essential aspect for a team of employees to row strongly in the same direction to achieve goals.

Creating cohesion and group, in a company, is a fundamentally important aspect so that a team of collaborators that work in the same environment every day strives strongly in the same direction in order to achieve the company’s goals.

However, in order to build a strong team, being together in the workplace is not always enough. Sometimes, a day or two of fun or playing, or of activities designed to increase the spirit of collaboration and leadership skills, rather than training in environments other than the workplace, help to create or strengthen the cohesion of a group, an essential element in the workforce of a company.

GR Sport Events knows this aspect well, as well as the correct way to help in the process of creating a team building event, through activities created for client companies in mountain outdoor environments, whether on the snow or during summer.

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Business incentives in the mountains

Reward those who deserve it

Reward those who deserve it with experiences that can motivate employees to commit themselves even more in order to ensure that company goals are achieved.

Many companies, in addition to wanting to create a cohesive team, often also reward those who show superior leadership skills or who manage to achieve results above the average set by the company itself, with special activities and experiences.

These awards, in addition to gratifying one’s collaborators, also allow to foster the attachment of the workforce to the brand or to the company itself, generating a return of investment thanks to the motivation towards the result at work that these activities create in the spirit of the workers rewarded.

GR Sport Events organizes Incentives for companies with lots of outdoor activities, ranging from the aforementioned sports experiences to tailor made activities organized in synergy with the client companies, always with the aim of rewarding and encouraging workers to always give their best.

An example of an Incentive event organized by us is the one designed for some of UBS Bank’s top clients in St. Moritz. During this event, whose organization was entirely managed by our team, we thought of a double program: a ski day with lunch in the company of Giorgio Rocca with a team of videomakers following ski enthusiasts, and a day of relax between carriage rides, spa and guided tours of the characteristic center of St. Moritz for non-skiers, with a final dinner and party for everyone.

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Customized events

We take care of everything!

We take care of everything!.
What most differentiates GR Sport Events’ offerings from the competition is the ability for companies or individuals to create 100% tailor-made events.

Our dedicated team, thanks to the contacts we developed with the best locations in the Alps, is able to set up a tailor-made event for up to 60 participants, thinking of everything, from A to Z. Starting from the accommodation, through the catering, transport and to the activities proposed, which can be sports experiences, team building or incentives. All of it created with the sole aim of satisfying the requests of those attending the event.

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Additional services for events

GR Media House professionals

GR Media house is a media content creation and production team consisting of top professionals from the world of outdoor and sports. GR Media House is, chronologically, the latest project created by Giorgio Rocca.

In addition to what has been mentioned so far, there is also the possibility of having GR Media House’s professionals reporting one’s event, with highly professional contents that can create an indelible memory of the event, might it be an experience, team building, incentive, or a tailor-made corporate event.

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