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Skiing techniques and its teaching methods are constantly evolving; every year new movements and instructional procedures emerge; for this reason, Giorgio Rocca organises internal refresher courses to maintain the high quality of his Academy’s teaching … Improve and refresh your technique following the advice of our champion Giorgio Rocca or one of the national instructors who collaborate with him. In addition to being highly exhilirating and stimulating, the lessons make use of Midland technology which allows direct communication between instructor and student for quick and effective improvement!

Our vouchers are useful resources for individuals and companies who wish to buy their customers and friends, prestigious ski lessons as a gift for adults and children. By purchasing the VIP voucher you will also be able to enjoy special days on the snow in the company of Giorgio Rocca.

The Giorgio Rocca Ski ACADEMY has a different approach to skiing.

Thanks to our Team consisting of national instructors, coaches, experts and former and current champions, we offer the chance to all snow lovers to enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience. You will all discover the secrets and techniques of skiing to help you improve and become a quality skier through skiing techniques on the slope (free-field and competition courses) and off-piste. The strength of our Academy is quality and for this reason we form groups of no more than six children when they their first approach skiing to gradually improve in total safety.

For our master groups there are video analysis periods and advice on both athletic preparation and the correct choice and use of equipment.

In addition to Alpine skiing you can enjoy the experience of other disciplines such as snowboarding, snowshoeing and telemark.