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Thanks to the collaboration of athletes and former athletes of the World Cup, as well as major trainers in the sports field, GR-Ski Events makes the experience of developing a “team” even more professional and exhilarating. Great enjoyment on the snow, role-playing games, plus the development of collaborative and leadership qualities help to create team spirit and encourage colleagues to reach company objectives.

Our EXPERIENCES are tailor-made events in relation to chosen objectives: customer experience / product testing, creation of contacts, PR, media coverage, etc. These are special moments for both individuals and companies. For example at the World Cup Ski event, a selected group of skiers can challenge themselves on the competition courses and together with Giorgio Rocca and other former World Cup athletes, experience the thrill of the White Circus.

GR-Ski Events feeds the passion of the most-loved winter sport’s enthusiasts with professional and technological “training” sessions. Even the least experienced skiers will learn from highly specialised and captivating training techniques to stimulate personal motivation in the interest of continuous improvement.
A training event that can become an authentic team building experience when collaborating with brands and companies.

The mountain teaches control, discipline and the teamwork required in order to reach a goal. Emotions that emerge through winter activities represent the perfect connection for promoting the distinctive values ​​of a brand “- G. Rocca

Giorgio Rocca Ski Events can create exclusive and customised events for companies wishing to make their associated brands unforgettable.
Companies will not only be able to promote their personal brand in the most prestigious alpine resorts, but they will have the opportunity to do so in a highly qualitative and captivating way, supporting the strong values ​​that characterise the winter environment.